Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lattice Quilt

Donna, a blog reader from Connecticut, sent me a link to a quilt called Scrap Lattice: and wanted advice on how to make it. Well I took a look at it and couldn't figure it out, but never one to back down on a drafting challenge, I gave it a shot. I played around on EQ5 and started cutting and piecing. To get the fabrics to weave in and out requires partial piecing of the seams. I wrote it up as a large crib size quilt. Click here for the pattern for the Lattice Quilt.

The quilt I started here to test the pattern will probably be a baby quilt for my next door neighbors. They are having their first baby in June. Mom's a redhead, so I'm hoping for a redheaded baby!

Till next time.... Happy Quilting


  1. Beth, love the lattice quilt! Thanks. I note today's puppy is as close to a beagle as any I've seen on your blog. Still hoping to see a beagle puppy one day. Daisy

  2. Love the lattice quilt but looks too complicated to sew.