Sunday, April 25, 2010

Block Exchange, catch up

Fans, ~40" x 40"

For the past 3 months I was busy working on a Power Point presentation on the Detroit News Quilt Club Corner Column of the 1930s to present at Macomb Community College. I had a great time. We had a big crowd, complete with a super show and tell. A lady in the audience (I'm embarrassed that I didn't get her name) offered this fan quilt top to me. She found it while cleaning out an estate and didn't want it. I jumped at it and am taking this opportunity to thank her again for this wonderful piece.

Now that the lecture is over, I've been able to spend time catching up on my block exchange blocks. So here's a little show and tell....

Dorothy's Rose

Daisy's Squares

Cindy's House

The last block is for Debra. I took two birds that were published in the summer of 1935 in the Detroit News Quilt Club Column Corner's Laurel Wreath quilt. The Detroit News probably purchased this from Florence LaGanke Harris who published it in her Nancy Page Club column in 1934. Since The Detroit Free Press carried the Nancy Page Club, but the Laurel Wreath was being published in the News, the pattern from the News does not carry the Nancy Page byline or include the Florence LaGanke credit.

Cedar Waxwing and Hermit Thrush, 9" x 12".

I've added a free pattern for my version of Cedar Waxwing and Hermit Thrush.

Till next time........happy quilting.


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  2. I was doing a search on some vintage designs and came across this. Thank you for the pattern.