Sunday, May 2, 2010

Blind Man's Fancy

Blind Man's Fancy, 15" x 15"

Just a quick note especially for Carol Sc.

This blogger is making Blind Man's Fancy blocks too! Click to see her progress:

And if you like the blocks, you can get a free pattern here.

Till next time....Happy Quilting!


  1. Went to the blog to see the BMF blocks --- very cool (as cool as mine?!). I don't remember ever seeing the block in a Judy Martin book --- will have to go back and check for it --- I am still very grateful that you figured the dimensions out for me!

  2. Is that your wonderful block? I LOVE the purple!!!

  3. Lori, I made the block for my Block Exchange pal Carol Sc. She suggested colors that look old and I had some repro purples.

  4. Beth, Re the Lattice Quilt you posted 2/17, I see there is a similar "Basket Weave Quilt" in the book Spectaclar Rectangles by Ilene Bartos. in case you are still interested in how others piece it.
    Phyllis O'

  5. This is one of my all time favorite patterns and it is somewhere on my bucket list. I love your choice of fabrics.

  6. Beth, you finally found a beagle puppy! Thanks. He has more white on his than my Gracie, but he's a cutie! Daisy