Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Textile Conservation

Restoring the Palampore

Working at a museum with a large quilt collection, I frequently get questions about quilt care and I give good advice about basic home care. At the museum we store our quilts in archival tissue and breathable nylon. We do minor stabilization and cleaning (with a low suction vacuum where the quilt stays dry). However, when a quilt needs major work, we send our quilts out to someone qualified, as we don't have a conservation lab or a conservator at our museum. Watch this excellent video on a palampore from the Royal Ontario Museum that has been conserved by a team led by Shirley Ellis, Senior Textile Conservator at the ROM. From the video you can see how expensive it is to properly treat an old textile and why it costs so much money to conserve and clean a museum quilt.

Till next time....Happy Quilting!

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