Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rolling Stone Round Robin

Finally, another UFO done! This quilt was started before 1997. That was before I started working full time and I met once a month with the Outlaws. My contribution was the center Rolling Stone mini-blocks (everything before the coral and yellow checkered border). It was added on by Diedre Garlock, Debbi Brunner, Karen Mirras and Rhonda Anderson. I remember Debbi did the circles in Japanese fabrics, but I don't remember who else did what. Last fall pulled it out and practiced my machine, free-motion quilting. It turned out pretty good. I've gotten some more hints from Diane Gaudynski's blog, so the next machine quilting should get even better.

Now I'm working on red, black and white checked chair covers for Katy's Chicago kitchen.

Till next time...... Happy Quilting


  1. These are some names I haven't thought of, in a while. I am rooming with Karen Mirras at the CCQG retreat weekend and I saw Diedre, for the first time in years, at our last meeting. She has had rotator (sp) cuff surgery. I've always enjoyed seeing round robin quilts and the different ways we "attack" the project.

  2. Please bring this quilt tonite - I would love to see your machine-quilting "up close and personal." Looks fantastic!

  3. Beautiful, Beth! Best RR I've had the privilege to see. I look forward to seeing it "up close and personal" tonight. Daisy