Sunday, February 27, 2011

Free Square in a Square Quilt Pattern

This is the block I'm using for this year's block exchange at Ruth's. It's very simple and gives a 3-D effect when many blocks are put together. I'm planning on a bed size quilt. You can find a free pattern on my new Free Pattern page or click here.

Now it's time to finish some chicken soup I started this morning, make a sweet potato casserole for tomorrow's block exchange potluck and make some tasty, healthy snacks for watching tonight's Oscars.

Till next time......happy quilting.


  1. I just finished making some healthy (and a couple not so healthy) snacks for tonight's DH loves watching it. I also got some applique ready to so I'm not too bored!

  2. Inquiring about those from my past in the quilt world, and I find you here! Sounds good and fun Beth! I am now a "hooker" rug hooker that is. I do miss my qillt world but started to join others again and revisiting the unfinished drawer. Do you still do a retreat in Petoskey? Visit me at my web.
    www.Fiddlehead DeEtta Beebe-Gilland

  3. DeEtta,
    I went to your website and saw your rugs, really great. No I don't do the quilt retreats any longer. My brother-in-law used to own the hotel and I did it to help his business. I now work full time in a museum with a fabulous quilt collection. Thanks for stopping by.