Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Last night I spoke to the great ladies of the Quilt Guild of Metro Detroit. The topic was Quiltmaking in Detroit in the 1930s. The power point lecture is really cool. Not many people know that there were many quilt shows in Detroit where attendance was over 50,000! I showed slides of quilts from the MSU Museum's Clark Family Collection and brought a few quilts of my own.

Flower Lady

Double Wedding Ring, Edna O'dell, Okemos, MI, 1940

Dresden Plate with Butterflies

Garden Bouquet, A Nancy Page pattern by Florence
LaGanke Harris syndicated in papers all over the country
in the 1930s.

This fan variation was published in the Detroit News as Spanish Fleet.

We touched on the topic of quilt documentation. Here's the link to the Michigan Quilt Project form: If you live in Michigan or your quilt was made in Michigan, fill out the form, take a picture and send it to me. Your quilt will be entered in the Quilt Index. Thanks ladies, I had a great time!

Till next time......Happy Quilting.


  1. Thanks for the link to the Clark Collection.....wonderful quilts!

  2. love the butterflies in the quilt and oh those birds are great!
    beautiful quilts thanks for sharing

  3. Thanks for your photos. These quilts are so sweet. I often wonder what those quiltmakers - like my great-grandma and her sisters - would have thought if they'd known their quilts would be such a source of study and inspiration several generations later!

  4. I have a pattern for a quilt like the Dresden you show, but it has a 4 petal star in the center. I can't stop looking at the butterflies in the center of the one you've posted. Just love it. Great quilts.

  5. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous quilts! Love them all but especially the Dresden with butterflies. Do you know anywhere that patterns is for sale? I have a very special friend who that would be perfect for