Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Life of a Clamshell

In 1997 I made a quilt for my book Charm Quilts. Since then, I've entered the quilt in the Quilt Index.

This year the Quilt Alliance, one of the Quilt Index partners is having a contest
Inspired By....
Much to my delight, Deb Hathaway chose my quilt as her inspiration. You can see picture of her very cool quilt, Raw Clams at the Shore on her blog here:

Thank you Deb, I hope you win!!!!

Till next time.... Happy Stitching


  1. Well... I didn't win... BUT there is still the member's judging so I have my fingers crossed that it might get SOME notoriety :-) No matter what... the big prize for me was making it in the first place!!! Thanks for the inspiration!