Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Colleen's String Star

I just finished this queen-size quilt for my daughter. The center was an old quilt top she bought at Goodwill for $2.98. I hand-washed, re-cut and re-sewed the string stars.
When half was done, I had them photographed side-by-side so you can see the difference. The block were about 14", but after cutting them down, they are now 12".

The border was re-sewn from a small four patch quilt top. I won it at a silent auction.

Also in the auction offering was about 4 yards of nile green solid. I used the nile green solid to finish the borders and binding. The auction was many years ago at the Quilters Hall of Fame annual induction weekend. I was bidding against Eleanor Burns (yes, the Eleanor Burns). When she saw how much I wanted it, she very graciously quit upping the bid.

Till next time.....Happy Stitching


  1. That is amazing! I would never have thought that those two quilt tops could come together so perfectly....your efforts were well worth it! It's gorgeous!

  2. I have thought about buying quilts that I thought were pretty but needed a lot of help. After all it would mean taking it apart, recut and put back together. Then I thought better of it. I salute your sticktoitifness.

  3. What a great quilt! I have a great string star quilt, but, it doesn't lay flat at all. Not sure I'm up to re-piecing it.

  4. Thanks for posting this --- not sure how I missed it :-). A lot of work, but so effective. I will be looking at resale quilts differently.

  5. What a beautiful quilt! AND a great rescue story to go along with it. The Nile green is perfect with all the older fabrics.


  6. Thank you for sharing valuable information.



  7. Love how this quilt turned out, Beth. I have never had the courage to tackle an old top like this. Maybe it's simply because I don't really make quilts very often and am so out of practice, therefore inconsistent with my marking, cutting and stitching! I so admire the patience it takes to "redeem" a messed up top.