Sunday, March 4, 2018

A Quilt for Kennedy

Kennedy is my newest niece, born on December 31, 2017, just in time for her banker daddy to get a nice tax deduction. Here is the quilt I made for her.

Her nursery has gray walls and her grandma made her crib bumpers with peachy pink, green, and white. The quilt is 54" x 63". I always make baby quilts large. I imagine the baby having tummy time on the quilt, on the floor, so I want it big enough for the baby to roll around on. It's also big enough for a toddler to snuggle under.

Till next time......Happy Stitching.


  1. love this quilt - I too like large baby quilts - you don't want them to grow out of them too quickly!

  2. ...or before they get it :-) Looks very modern with the gray background --- I like it.

  3. Hi. I love your book Block by Block and am working through it. However, on the Schoolhouse block on page 57, there are no measurements for the rectangle E. Can you help me out? My email is Thanks!

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