Sunday, September 29, 2013

My New Sewing Table is Here

I've been shopping for a new sewing table for about a year. While at he AQS Show in Grand Rapids I was able to compare a few different brands. I bought this table from Tracey's Tables and I'm thrilled. It was delivered yesterday and they carried it to my basement and demo'd how it worked. My DH didn't have to lift a finger.

Here's the table with a baby quilt I'm working on.

There is a large leaf that folds up to make the surface much larger. The leaf is supported by legs on casters that easily swing out. My last table had a support that hooked into a screw, that soon fell out. The old table's leaf was also on hinges that only worked if I sat on the floor and held it up with my head while I set it up.  LOL!

The left side of the table is much wider than my old one. But it I do need extra space, it also has a really cool double leaf.

The first leaf is on easy to use hinges. And the second leaf is on top of it.

The second leaf then folds out to complete the surface. My old table didn't have the leaf to complete the rectangle and large quilts would fall into the space and cause trouble.

To complete my sewing bliss is my big screen TV. This is my view from the machine. That's Reggie Bush who's kicking some Bear butt.

This table also has three drawers. Many of the tables I looked it at were much more expensive and had lots of extras I wasn't interested in. This table opens really large and rolls very easy. It has a hydraulic lift for stowing the machine. The $1200 price tag included delivery, set-up, and the acrylic insert for my Bernina. I've been sewing on it all day and so far, I love it.

A new sewing table and the Lions winning, I must be dreaming.

Till next time.... Happy Stitching.