Sunday, May 4, 2014

Quilts for Desi and Evelyn

Here are two quilts that I've recently finished for new babies.

This one is for my bosses daughter, who just had her first baby, a girl, Desi. The gorgeous top was made by my work colleague, Julie Levy-Westin. Not only did she make the beautiful Roman Stripe, but she hand dyed all the fabric. So gorgeous. I machine quilted it. I love the way it turned out.

This quilt was made for my niece Sarah's baby girl Evelyn. Eveyln has two older brothers and made them quilts, too. You can see Zander's here, and Charlie's here. Evelyn's bedroom is decorated in turquoise and pink, so I think this will look good.

Evelyn's room.

Now time to finish my laundry and get back to work on Katy's Stars. Above is the version in EQ7. It is for my daughter's bed. She wants a queen size quilt for her Chicago apartment. Below are all the pieces on my design board.

I'll be machine quilting it in five parts, then putting them together. 

Till next time......Happy Stitching.