Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hull's Victory

It's Sunday afternoon, my favorite time to quilt. After this blog I'll be machine quilting some stars. I just bought two new light bulbs for my Bernina, but they aren't working. I've rigged up alternative lighting until I can get the lights repaired.

Today's free quilt pattern is Hull's Victory. I think the Hull in the title refers to Isaac Hull, captain of the Constitution aka "Old Ironsides." It seems Isaac was a little on the hefty side and split his trousers during the battle. You can read more on the free pattern.

Yesterday was a beautiful day for football as Iowa fell to MSU, Go Green! Inside the stadium is always 15 degrees warmer than outside the stadium, so 50 degrees is great football weather.

On Thursday I went to see Barrack Obama speak at MSU. It was three hours of waiting before he began speaking. It was cloudy, but did not rain and I enjoyed being in a crowd of so many college students all interested in voting. In person Obama is much more engaging than he appears on TV. All in all, a fun week.

Till next time....Happy Quilting!

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