Thursday, November 13, 2008

Finishing the Desert Sampler

I've given all the blocks for the Desert Sampler quilt. Project Page 1 gives instructions for finishing the top. Next week I'll start a new quilt, Sampler with Art Square Corners. The blocks will again be 12" so they are compatible with the Desert Sampler blocks. The setting is made using 3 strips for the sashing and Art Squares for the cornerstones. The finished sizes of the sashing is 3" x 12" and the cornerstones are 3" x 3". This makes the Quilt Layout Chart still useful for quilt planning. If you choose to make more blocks and a larger quilt, the Fabric Yardage Chart and Quilt Layout Chart are helpful.

I'm watching an old movie again. It's called "We Live Again" made in 1934 and stars Anna Sten and Frederic March. It's based on Leo Tolstoy's novel Resurrection. Frederic March is an aristocrat who falls in love with, then ruins a peasant girl. There are scenes in the girl's bedroom and there is a quilt on the bed. The movie is in black and white so it is hard to tell the colors, but it might be pastels. The pattern is a broken dishes, alternating with a plain block, all set on point. The quilt is also tied. The story is set in 1875, so the quilt is probably not historically accurate. I'm enjoying the movie more than usual because we just got a 50" HD TV. Very fun, especially for sports. The TV is in the basement which is also my sewing room, so I'm one lucky quilter.
Till next time....Happy Quilting.

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  1. Thanks, Beth. Love this series. I've printed all the instructions and they're in a folder for "Someday". Daisy