Monday, November 3, 2008

Best Friend

The last free quilt pattern for this lap size quilt is called Best Friend. It's a variation of the Bear's Paw pattern. I think this is a great name for a quilt pattern because so many quilters have found their Best Friends through this activity.

It's the night before election day. I'm hoping to vote at 7am so I can get to work. The MSU Museum has the quilt exhibit To Honor and Comfort scheduled to ship either tomorrow or Wednesday. I've packed most of it, but need to be around to make sure everything gets picked up okay. So hopefully the voting lines won't be too long.

My daughter Katy lives in Chicago. She works just a few blocks from Grant Park where Obama will have his rally tomorrow evening. They are expecting 1,000,000 people! Katy thinks she'll stop by early in the evening on her way home to get a taste of the party. I'm anxious to hear what Chicago is like, especially if Obama wins.

Tom and I went to the MSU football game last Saturday. We won in the last seconds. I'd like to say it was a fun game, but we trailed most of the game, which wasn't fun. But the weather was gorgeous, and the end was fabulous. This weekend is Purdue and if we win we'll be 9-2!! Go Green! Go White!

Time for Saturday Night Lives Election Special and I do love the Sarah Palin parodies.
Till next time.... Happy Quilting.

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