Sunday, December 28, 2008


Today's free quilt pattern is Weathervane. After the last week, I couldn't pick a more appropriate pattern. We've gone from 10" of snow to 60 degrees and rain, then back to freezing cold.

I had a great Christmas. My daughter Katy came from Chicago for a whole week. We put her back on the train this morning. The train was only one hour late, but since she was leaving from the East Lansing station (she often travels from Battle Creek) it wasn't too bad. While she was here, we went shopping with Colleen. Katy found so many clothes, she couldn't carry them all on the train and I'll be sending her a box of stuff tomorrow. Colleen and I were also lucky. I've got a whole new wardrobe and since I really hate to shop, that is a major achievement.

On Christmas Eve I got a real treat. Tom, Katy, Colleen and I went to visit my cousin Kathy in Northville. She hosts a Christmas Eve party for all my relatives on my father's side of the family. I have have 16 cousins, 6 aunts and uncles (still living) and too many second and third cousins and cousins-in-law to count. I usually host my in-laws on Christmas Eve so rarely make it to the party. Yesterday all the in-laws came and that was fun too. Now I have way too many leftovers and cookies!

Till next time.... Happy Quilting!

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  1. Does your new wardrobe include jeans?! Nice that you were able to reconnect with your father's family --- we always say "we should do this more often", but life seems to interfere ---once your parents are gone, it takes effort. Happy New Year! Glad you had such a nice visit with Katy home.