Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Red Cross Quilts

Check out the Eye of the Needle blog for another perspective on Red Cross quilts. also has some history and a different Red Cross pattern. I decided to do a little more searching, so I typed "red cross quilt" in google and clicked on the image button at the upper right side of the screen and found many interesting images of Red Cross quilts. The farther I looked into the pages, other images appeared that didn’t seem quilt related. I clicked on an image of an older lady (who am I kidding, she was probably my age…) and found The Journals of Annabelle Johnson. Each entry is very short and at first appears mundane (January 14, 1960 - Thursday. Fine and bright. I did a little hooking. Went to the Auxillary meeting at Alice Blaikie's. Ester was up to Gertie Patterson's to dinner.) But after reading a few, I found them oddly compelling.

Till next time... Happy Stitching

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