Sunday, June 7, 2009

Red Cross

Today's free quilt pattern is Red Cross. This is a pattern that has been published many times in many versions. It's an easy block to make and I like using a stripe in the vertical and horizontal strips that divide the block.

On Saturday my daughter Katy called me from New York. She was there on business when her boss decided to stay an extra day and go to the Belmont Stakes! She wanted to know if I wanted to place a bet. I gave her $10 on Mine That Bird and he came in 3rd! It sure made watching the race at Dagwood's more exciting.

I biked to work 3 times this week and biked 20 miles today. That gives me a total of 44 miles this week. I've been riding my bike to work when the weather allows and I try to take a long ride each weekend. We usually ride from the Mayfair Bar in Haslett and peddle around Williamston, ending with a loop around Lake Lansing. My goal is to ride 30 miles each weekend ride.

Till next time.... Happy Quilting!

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