Sunday, June 12, 2011


Last night, Tom, Katy and I took Colleen out to dinner to celebrate her graduation with a bachelor's degree in Psychology. It's been a long haul for Colleen and we're very proud. She chose Weber's Inn in Ann Arbor for our little party. We had a wonderful time and I highly recommend it. Also yesterday, my block exchange buddy Terry had an open house for her daughter Erin's high school graduation. For this year's block exchange Terry has requested 12" quilt blocks based on her daughter's favorite musicals. Terry and Erin planned to display the blocks at her open house. I didn't finish the block until today, so it didn't make it to the display. I chose Beauty and the Beast and made the block below.
I used the logo from the Broadway version and did reverse applique for the beast and the rose and hand embroidery for the letters. I'm pleased the way it turned out. I've seen some of the other blocks for the quilt and it's going to be a stunner. 

Till next time......Happy Quilting


  1. Oh my gosh, Beth! I can't wait for Erin to see it! Her open house is NEXT Saturday, you and your block still have time to get here! Congrats to Colleen, too.

  2. Cool block, Beth. ...and, congratulations to Colleen! --- sometimes the long haul is so much more appreciated than the "easy" way.