Friday, March 9, 2012

The 1864 Belfast Flag Quilt

If you've ever wanted to go to a quilt history lecture, but couldn't get there, or your guild never hired a quilt historian, watch this video. It's about a Civil War quilt from Belfast, Maine. It features a lecture by Independent Quilt Historian and New England Quilt Museum Curator, Pam Weeks. It's also has great insights on how to do quilt research. Enjoy!
The 1864 Belfast Flag Quilt from Belfast Community on Vimeo.
Pam has recently authored a book (with Don Beld) on pot holder quilts, "Civil War Quilts" and you can purchase it on Amazon.

Till next time.......Happy Quilting


  1. Beth, thank you so much for sharing this video! This was amazing! I'm so glad I live so close, and can't wait for summer to head up the coast and see this fabulous piece of Maine history!