Thursday, March 22, 2012

Behind the Scenes Tours

I celebrated National Quilt Day by giving four tours of the Michigan State University Museum's collections center. I brought out 16 quilts. Here's four of the quilts I shared. To see the full record, click on the link below each quilt.

Album top c1860, quilting 1961
Pinwheel Flower, c1860. Possibly slave made.
Railroad Crossing c1860
Album quilt, c1860

To learn more about Behind the Scenes Tours at the Great Lakes Quilt Center at the Michigan State University Museum, go to this page:

Till next time......Happy Quilting


  1. Darn I misses it!!!...I would have loved to be there!!!

    1. It was in the Evening College brochure.

    2. YOU have had your blog a long time, Beth. But now I'm logged in to this one. Daisy

  2. Glad you let us know so we could folow. Ridiculous reason, though. Some people are just rude. Love your quilts and all you do. How about the quilt sure that's spelled wrong! My grandmother was a donaldson and could probably have been called beth, so love your name

  3. I would love to do one of those tours sometime. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  4. Love the new blog Beth. How did I not know about the tours??!! Always a day late and a $ short.