Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Year in Review

Time to look back at the projects I finished last year. I tend to dwell on what didn't get done, so now for a little optimism.

A QR Code quilt for the Patterns of Inquiry Exhibit. I have my first smart phone, so I can finally test this quilt for myself.

Hazel Ridge Path, a trade for a painting from a children's book. This took a long time to make.

Space Baby Blocks for baby Elliot, an old UFO newly quilted.

Dolly, her dress and quilt + a sweater for the Salvation Army Christmas doll drive.

And now for two of my quilt purchases.
I purchased this Bridal Stairway quilt from a member of the Quilts Vintage and Antique facebook page. It is a signature quilt and very cool.

This is a signature quilt I bought on eBay. It is from Oklahoma and has really beautiful embroidery. Click on the image to see the embroidery better.

I've purchase at least four other quilts this year, but don't have them photographed yet. I'll post soon.

I got a new smart phone for Christmas. This is what happens when you click buttons without reading instructions. LOL. I also got a new computer and a new projector. I love power points.

Goals for 2013? I need to finish two big projects. One quilt for each daughter. One is a mermaid I started about 20 years ago. The other is a new, queen size bed quilt.

Till next time......Happy Quilting.


  1. Lovely all...the talent! The giving heart that supplied the beautiful doll and quilt! Go Beth!
    I have had similar experiences with my smart phone photography. I think an appropriate app for self photographs would be one where I would "show" long legs, perfect figure and look 30. I bet it would be the most popular ever! Happy New Year!

  2. cute quilts and congrats on the i phone, I don't have one either and made a QR code quilt two yrs ago, people told me it worked, but I can't test it either :-)

  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us Beth. I now have Windows 7 and I can post comments. I guess it was a Windows XP issue :) Happy New Year!