Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I haven't spent much time blogging, but I have been busy. I converted a closet into an office in my sewing area in the basement.
This is the closet. It was full of stuff including the parts of a quilt frame I never used. I gave it to a quilting friend who's putting it to good use. You can check out his blog here, Tim Latimer - Quilts, Etc.
This is the after, a new office. I needed a space for my computer and I am attempting to scan all the old family photos I can get my hands on, so needed space for my new, very cool scanner. I'm pleased with the result. I just need a new desk chair, something, firm, yet squishy. Something on wheels that spins, too.

To make room for the office, I needed to sort through two closets full of stuff and consolidate it into one closet. I took all my UFOs and put them in this cabinet. It's working pretty well and I estimate at least 30 UFOs in there.

I've spent most of my time doing hand applique on this quilt. I've blogged about it before. My daughter Colleen posed as the mermaid in 1993. I am vowing to finish this 20 year old project this year. Colleen is now 29 and wants this quilt for her new place when she moves to Portland, Oregon in May. The top is now complete and I'm going to start basting it as soon as this post is done. I will hand quilt it.

Yesterday I had a tooth extracted and replaced with an implant. It was surprisingly easy and pain free. My biggest issue is the flipper (fake tooth in a retainer like they wear in Toddlers and Tiaras LOL). It prevents me from chewing. I get a new temporary tooth on Wednesday so I'll be eating a lot of liquid food for a week. I have a nice blender and this afternoon I pureed chicken tortilla soup. Yum.

Till next time... Happy Quilting


  1. wow - I love the "before" and "after" of your closet to office! Great use of the space!

  2. Your "new" office looks amazing! Total transformation! Good luck with flipper. :-) Hope the week goes by quickly.

  3. Glad you've had some productive time --- great use of a closet, but,yes --- you need a new chair!

  4. I love the transformation and all the makes the basement look so bright and light. I'll keep that in mind when I do my basement room.

  5. Cyndee - You should come over and see it in person. Just give me some notice so I can lock up Boomer : )

    You can loan me that quilting thread too.

  6. What am amazing makeover. I watched Horders last night, I shall be doing some more purging this weekend. Good grief, how things can pile up in our studios. Your daughter is going to love this piece, and she'll love Ptld, one of my fav cities.

  7. I am looking for the lattice quilt design I saw here:

    It is a basket weave and is simply beautiful, plus is driving me crazy trying to figure out how it is made.

    Thanks for helping me find it!

    1. Linda,
      Near the top of this page is a tab that says, "Free Patterns" Go to that page and scroll down until you find the lattice quilt. Click on the link "Lattice Quilt" for the pattern. Or you can use this link,
      It's all done with partial seams. I'm so glad you asked for the pattern. When I went to look for it, I noticed that all my images had disappeared and since I don't go to that page unless I have a new pattern to add, I didn't notice anything was wrong. It's all fixed now.

  8. Looks great. Looks like a super deep closet compared to mine. This is something I need to do starting this spring.

  9. Closet to office... looks great! Two closets down to one... challenging! 30 UFOs... I like you for that. I have nearly as many! Well done.

  10. I really like your wonderful makeover. You mentioned UFO's. My problem I have so many things that I have to get done that the UFO's are still waiting :)

  11. Love the mermaid!!!...and I love the quilt frame you gave me!!.....and such a cool use of the closet!!

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