Sunday, January 18, 2009

Blind Man's Fancy

This week I got my first patient for the Quilt Doctor! I belong to a block exchange group that meets monthly at Ruth D's. We each bring a quilt block and instructions on how to make the block. Everyone then makes a block for each person in the group. The process takes 9 months, then we each have a wonderful group of blocks for a quilt. Carol Sc found a picture of a quilt block she wanted to use in the block exchange but was struggling to draft. Since I love to draft, especially things on point I volunteered to try drafting it for her. The result is Blind Man's Fancy.

Carol wanted the block to be Civil War era, so I made this block to test the pattern. The picture Carol gave me to draft from was of an antique quilt using this block. The quilt had a sashing of 12 flying geese units and four patch corners. In my next post I will give instructions for the sashing and corners. The trick to this pattern was not only that it had elements that were on point, but the finished size had to accommodate the 12 flying geese units. After fiddling with the numbers I came up with a 15" block.

I had a lot of fun drafting and piecing this block.... So if anyone has a drafting problem, I invite you to send it to me. I'll draft it, piece it, and write it up as a free block for the blog. The only restrictions are it has to be a traditional block that is copyright free. I can't legally draft someone else's original work and then give it away publically. Please email me an image and any specifications you have (like block size or setting info) and hopefully I can help.

Till next time.... Happy Quilting!


  1. Absolutely perfect!!! --- and it took a much shorter time than I was having, trying to figure it out --- THANK YOU!!!

  2. I love that block and have been wanting to make that quilt! Your directions are beautifully done. Do you read Kathie Holland's blog? She made this quilt and it is to die for.

  3. Marcie, I don't read Kathie's blog but it sounds like I should. What is her html address?

  4. Thanks so much for the pattern for this. Totally gorgeous!!

    Perri T.