Saturday, January 31, 2009

Flying Geese Sashing

The Capitol City Quilt Guild has a small quilt auction at their biannual quilt show. Daisy's Charm group is going to make two quilts for the auction, a blue Courthouse Square and a Red and White Log Cabin. Here are my two contributions to the effort.

I wrote a pattern for the Flying Geese Sashing and Four Patch Corner for the Blind Man's Fancy pattern from two weeks ago. If you're reading Carol Sc, this strip is for you. The photo turned out a little dark, it's better in person!

Till next time...Happy Quilting!


  1. Hi, I love the simplicity of your quilts.

  2. hi Beth,
    my guild did a small redwork embroidery snowman and I want to draft flying geese around it.any hints.I love what you did with the 4 patch in the corner. that corner was one of my biggest concerned. Do you have any suggestions
    kay scolaro

  3. Dear Kay
    The first question is how large is your finished piece? Next decide on how large each flying geese unit is and how many units you want. This will give you the final size of your strips. In a flying geese, the long side of the rectangle is 2x larger than the short side (always work without seam allowances until it's time to cut your pieces). Next, if your finished piece is not the same size as your flying geese strip, you can add a border to make the sizes the same. If your finished piece is a rectangle, the top and bottom border do not need to be the same width as the side borders. If the border is the same color as the background, it will float. It the border is a different color, it will provide contrast. Now it might be hard to follow these instructions with no diagrams, so if you send me the finished size of your piece, I'd be happy to draft and post the flying geese border instructions for you.