Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Eight Pointed Star

Well I'm finally back to blogging. The pictured quilt is what I've been working on for the past 3 weeks. The Capitol City Quilt Guild is having their biennial show May 16-17 at the Summit in Lansing, Michigan. If you're in town you should check it out. The committee is going to hang 500(!) quilts and there's also 5o vendors. I received these quilt blocks as a parting gift when I was president in 2004-2005. Since this is our 25th anniversary as a guild, I wanted to get my President's quilt done. Each past president gets Eight Pointed Star blocks in the colors of their choice and the size of their choice. The block size on this quilt is 7 1/2". I've written up a pattern for the block and given measurements for 6 different sizes. When I chose the colors green and white in 2004, I had no idea I would be quilting it while watching the Spartans in the Final Four. Just a happy accident, but what fun.

I was president of the guild in 1984 and this is the quilt I made from my president's blocks. I asked for red, blue and tan blocks 12". The guild was much smaller then and I received 42 blocks. The quilt turned out so big, I didn't put any borders on it. That's why I asked for 7 1/2" blocks the second time. I received 56 blocks and even though the quilt turned out huge, I couldn't resist a pieced border.

Till next time.... Happy Quilting!


  1. Beth - I love this quilt! and the border! I have to try and figure out how you did that!

  2. The border is actually much easier than it looks. It is squares on point, alternating with four patches on point. For the colors in the four patches, two squares are light, one square matches the inner border and one square matches the outer border. The setting triangles are two different colors, one color matches the inner border, the other color matches the outer border. The size of the square is 4 1/4" (finished) because it is 6" on point. That makes the math easier for finding the length of the border. I made a baby quilt and used the same border. I'll post the full pattern for the baby quilt one of these days.